IK4-CIDETEC, a Technology Centre belonging to the IK4 Research Alliance, specialises in generating and transferring knowledge and technology in the areas of Materials (Nanomaterials, Biomaterials and Sensors), Surfaces (Ceramic and Metallic Coatings, Surface Processing) and Energy (Batteries, Fuel Cells and Materials for Energy systems). Our mission is to enhance business competitiveness and capacity for innovation through the development of new products and processes. We aim to become strategic allies of our clients, helping them define their innovation strategies and providing information and technology solutions that add value to their businesses.IK4-CIDETEC had an annual turnover of 10M€ in 2012 and at the present time employs a highly qualified staff of 122 people, 50% of them PhDs.

    IK4-CIDETEC will act as coordinator (WP1) and lead dissemination (WP10). The main role of IK4-CIDETEC is to collaborate in the cathode (WP4) and specially anode (WP5) development and testing, bringing its know-how on Li-ion electrode formulation and processing in order to help the up-scaling towards the realization of cells in WP7. IK4-CIDETEC engineers will also participate in cell ageing studies and modelling in WP8.


    IK4-CIDETEC will be in charge of the PilotPlant and will scale up the nanosystems. It is the project coordinator.

    IK4-CIDETEC carries out translational research in the field of nanomedicine.

    Main tasks:

    • Project coordination.
    • Pilot Plant setting-up.
    • Scaling-up and GMP manufacturing.


    Dr. Iraida Loinaz (project coordinator)
    HEAD of Biomaterials Unit in IK4-CIDETEC
    e-mail: iloinaz@cidetec.es

    Dr. Ana B. Benito
    Researcher Biomaterials Unit in IK4-CIDETEC
    e-mail: abenito@cidetec.es


  • NUIG

    The Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM) is a national research centre which is based on an academic-industry-clinician partnership model that is focused on translating biomaterial-based solutions to the clinic to address unmet clinical needs. Collaborative projects with the medical device industry focus on developing and leveraging CÚRAM’S unique biomaterial platform technologies, novel product and process development taking the form of providing design input to support and enhance industries existing portfolio through product enhancements, adding value to the industries existing technology, creating disruptive technologies and trouble-shooting biomaterial-based issues in medical devices.


    NUI Galway will validate its technology during the project by transferring hyaluronan particles production process into the pilot plant. Final GMP batch produced will be used to advance their research. CÚRAM carries out translational research in the field of biomaterials.

    Main tasks:

    • Provision of technology and composition of ananopharmaceutical prototype.
    • Definition of requirements/specifications ofthe nanopharmaceuticals.
    • Identification of provisional production parameters and in process controls needed.


    Prof Abhay Pandit
    Director, Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM),
    National University of Ireland, Galway  

    e-mail: Abhay.pandit@nuigalway.ie


  • USC

    NanoBioPharmaceuticals Research Lab (University of Santiago deCompostela) is headed by Professor María José Alonso and considered a world leader in the field of Drug Delivery. We are particularly involved in the translation of ideas from the university through novel pharmaceutical technology. Our scientific research involves the use of nanotechnologies for the design of innovative nanomedicines. Our overall goal is to design and develop novel nanostructured materials intended to transport drugs across biological barriers and deliver them to the target tissue. Within this broad area, we are specialized in the association of delicate molecules, including peptides, siRNA and antigens to these nanocarriers.


    USC will validate its technology during the project by transferring a HIV nanovaccine
    production process into the pilot plant. USC will use the final GMP batch produced to
    advance their research.

    Main tasks:

    • Provision of technology and composition of a nanopharmaceutical prototype.
    • Define requirements/specifications for nanopharmaceutical scale-up.
    • Develop strategy scale-up of nanopharmaceutical.


    Prof. María José Alonso
    HEAD of NanoBioPharmaceuticals
    Research Lab
    e-mail: mariaj.alonso@usc.es

    Dr. Desirée Teijeiro Osorio
    Scientific Project Manager at NanoBioPharmaceuticals Research Lab
    e-mail: desiree.teijeiro@usc.es

    Maria José Alonso's Lab

    NanoBioPharmaceuticals Research Lab


    Sylentis is a Pharmaceutical company, belonging to the Zeltia group, focused on the development of compounds based on the mechanism of RNA interference(gene silencing).
    Sylentis was founded in 2006 and during this time has been able to take two compounds into clinical trials, making
    Sylentis the first European company to reach clinical development of a RNAi compound. Sylentis brings together innovation, talent and science with the aim of developing the best possible treatment for people suffering from eye conditions.


    SYL will validate its technology during the project by transferring a RNAi-based nanoformulation production process into the pilot plant. SYL will use the final GMP batch produced to advance their research. Partner SYL will contribute to the startup of the pilot plant and support the consortium in  obtaining regulatory approval of the Pilot Plant.

    Main tasks:

    • Provision of technology and compostion of aRNAi-based nanoformulation.
    • Contribute to achieve regulatory approval ofthe plant.
    • Define requirements/specifications of thenanopharmaceutical scale-up.


    Ana Isabel Jiménez, Ph.D
    COO and R&D Director
    e-mail: aijimenez@sylentis.com

    Covadonga Pañeda, Ph.D
    R&D Manager
    e-mail: cpaneda@sylentis.com


  • Chemtrix

    We combine expertise in the field of (chemical) engineering and chemistry to help our customers to benefit from Flow Chemistry. Our expertise enables us to offer scalable and flexible Flow Chemistry solutions. We focus on delivering the customer higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities, via a safe and reliable scale-up from lab to production.


    CHEMTRIX will generate the continuous flow reactor prototypes for GMP production of two nanopharmaceuticals in the project.

    Main tasks:

    • Evaluation of nanopharmaceutical production process(es) for translation to micro fluidic devices.
    • Input into the design of micro fluidic devices for production of selected nanopharmaceuticals for process assessment, optimisation and production.
    • Design, engineering and adaptation of peripherals required for performance of the syntheses under continuous flow within the demonstrator unit.
    • Training of users on continuous flow processes and the use of micro fluidic reactors.


    Dr Charlotte Wiles
    E-mail: c.wiles@chemtrix.com
    Phone: +44 1482 466459
               +31 4670 22600


  • Mejoran

    We are experts in Bioinformatics, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), instrumentation and GxP Compliance services for Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical industries. Our main objective is to help our customers meet their objectives in the shortest time and we make it possible thanks to our deep knowledge in science, quality compliance and bioinformatics processes.


    Mejoran is a consultancy that will help partner IK4-CIDETEC in the design and the adaptation of their facilities. Mejoran will carry out training activities related to the Quality System (QS) and will implement the QS and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

    Main tasks:

    • Quality Systems implementation (GMP).
    • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).
    • Lab automation and automation processes.


    Carolina Egea, MBA, PMP
    Director-Mejoran Lab Automation
    e-mail: carolina_egea@mejoran.es

    Francisco Arenal, Ph.D
    Quality Lead- Mejoran Lab Automation
    e-mail: francisco_a@mejoran.es


  • Spinverse

    Spinverse is the Nordic leader in innovation consulting, specialized in driving open innovation ecosystems, arranging funding and commercializing emerging technologies. Founded in 2004, Spinverse employs 30+ professionals in Europe and is partner of a global technology consulting network with 23 offices. Our technology and business experts drive our clients’ R&D&I and business undertaking to develop game-changing solutions. We offer services to various clients: Large multinational companies, SMEs and start-ups as well as multi-stakeholder partnerships, universities and governments e.g. in the field of automation, chemicals, clean-tech, electronics, energy, ICT, life science, machinery and medical industry.


    Spinverse in its role as Work Package Leader will be in charge of the business plan for the pilot plant and will assist the coordinator in the  dissemination and exploitation of the achievements and results.

    Main tasks:

    • Business plan development.
    • Dissemination and exploitation plans and strategies.


    Terhi Marttila
    Project Manager
    e-mail: Terhi.Marttila@spinverse.com


  • UT2A

    Nanomaterials seem to open new huge opportunities for innovation but, at the same time, raise questions on possible hazards for environment and human health. Having analytical tools allowing their characterization and quantification becomes of primary importance. We offer to you 3 different approaches depending on the technique used: DLS (Dynamics Light Scattering) A4F (Asymmetrical Flow Field Fractionation) coupled to UV (Ultraviolet-visible), MALLS (Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering) and RI (Refractive Index) detectors and Hyphenationto ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry).


    ADERA-UT2A will support partner IK4-CIDETEC in the characterization and Quality Assurance of the production processes. ADERA-UT2A operates in compliance with GLP and will act as an external characterization laboratory. They will use A4F-MALLS-ICPMS technique for characterization.

    Main tasks:

    • Development of the physicochemical characterization of nanopharmaceuticals by A4F-UV-MALLS-RI-ICPMS.
    • Sample analysis according to GLP during the process, in process controls, and finally, at the end before the batches release.
    • Share its expertise to help partners to setup GLP conditions.


    Mathieu Menta
    e-mail: Mathieu.menta@univ-pau.fr


  • Micronit

    Micronit GmbH is your independent and leading pure-play foundry service provider for MEMS/NEMS and microfluidic products, who supports you flexibly with the development and fabrication of your individual microchip s in glass and/ or silicon. Micronit stands for customer specific personal expert advice on micro- and nanotechnology. Due to its unique development and manufacturing capabilities Micronit uses the interconnection of multidisciplinary techniques for customised devices according to your needs. All components and microchips are produced in state-of-the-art clean rooms with guaranteed 100% IP-security. This way micronit provides the optimal support in the development and production of individual chips.


    Micronit will design and manufacture advanced micro chips / continuous flow reactors. These chips will include mixing devices that will ensure the control of the production.

    Main tasks:

    • The design of the microfluidic chips/arrays /micro reactors in collaboration with the partners.
    • The fabrication for the application in the industry, with and without integration of sensors to allow analytical methods.


    Dominique Bouwes (Business Director)
    Micronit GmbH
    Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 11
    44263 Dortmund, Germany
    Phone: +49 231/8868/077
    E-mail: info@micronit.de