CIDETEC faces the new era of Nanomedicine

During two days the audience has assisted to 25 talks covering aspects on how to be prepared for translational research in early stage of development, new technologies for manufacturing, advanced characterization and regulation.

We had the opportunity to learn about regulatory aspects with César Hernandez (head of the department of medicines for Human Use). Pilar Calvo from Pharmamar, and Gemma Lahuerta from Reig Jofre showed us the pharma industry perspectives and key aspects for translation. Patrick Boisseau presented the initiatives from the European Nanomedicine Platform to promote the translation of nanomedicine and we also learnt from first level researchers as Abhay Pandit from the National University of Ireland in Galway and Simó Schwartz from Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research.

The assistants had the opportunity to participate in a demonstration in microfluidics and visit the new pilot plant built in CIDETEC for the manufacturing of investigational medicinal products.

13 March, 2015 · Overview

NanoPilot present in the ETPN Nanomedicine

Continuing our nanomed series, Nicolas Gouze of the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine Secretariat discusses the potential impact of a new Nanomedicine Translation Hub – the consolidation of new infrastructures, programmes and projects to enhance the innovation capacity of SMEs and academia in order to accelerate the development of nanomedicines towards the market Read more